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by Diana Gabaldon

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I loved the book, I laughed and gaps sometimes. I couldn’t wait for what was next!! I will love to get this book over again and see how the story goes on!!

My Friends make me happy. Is worth a million bucks.

Jungle Jeep
by Moira Butterfield

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We love the different animals and the pop up surprise at the end!

Love, Creekwood
by Becky Albertalli

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This novella is an epilogue to the popular YA "Love, Simon" series, and is told entirely in emails that the four main characters write each other while they are in their first year of college. Simon is at Haverford College in PA; his boyfriend Bram is at Columbia in NYC; and girlfriends Leah and Abby are roommates at Univ. of Georgia Athens. They all share the ups and downs of their college lives and make plans to reunite on holiday breaks. Simon and Bram visit each other two weekends a month, but they miss each other desperately and wish they could be together every day, like Leah and Abby. In the end, Simon surprises Bram, saying that he's applied to transfer to NYU. A short but sweet gift from Becky Albertalli to her fans - with all profits donated to The Trevor Project, and their work with LGBTQ teens and young adults.

Emily’s Reasons Why Not
by Carrie Gerlach

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This book was okay. Not my favorite.

Thomas “stuck in the mud” is good. 100??

The Fourth Secret Camilleri
by Andrea Camilleri Inspector Montalbano In Order

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Another great read

My Friends Make Me Happy was good.

You Matter was a funny book!

The False Prince
by Jennifer Nielsen

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Conner, who is a nobleman, plans to bring the long lost prince of Carthya back to the throne to save the kingdom from Civil War. His plan includes using four boys from various orphanages to try the role as prince. Forced to be one of the boys competing for the role, Sage finds his life to become far more complicated than a life at the orphanage would have ever been. Once he finds out that Conner plans to use the one impostor prince to rise himself to power and kill the remaining boys, Sage becomes determined to win the contest and free the boys from death all the while finding a way to undermine and expose Conner. Little does Conner know, Sage is actually the true prince who had stayed hidden for his safety and for the safety of the throne's succession. All is revealed to Conner and the kingdom's people at the end of this story when Sage claims his rightful place as Prince Jaron.

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